Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Declaration

This privacy policy elucidates the directives established by Vital Trademarks and its operator, Vital Trademarks Ltd (jointly addressed as “we” or “us”), governing the acquisition, utilization, and revelation of data that you provide to us during your interaction with the Website.

Vital Trademarks operates within a consortium of enterprises under the ownership of the same parent group. On certain occasions, we might obtain personal information from other entities within our Group Companies. Furthermore, the exchange of personal information with our Group Companies is a possibility.

User Consent

Through your utilization or other interactions with the Website, you hereby acknowledge your acceptance of the stipulations and provisions outlined within this Privacy Policy. This policy is seamlessly integrated into and constitutes an integral aspect of the overarching Terms of Service governing the Website. It is important to note that you overtly grant your informed consent to the processing.

Categories of Collected Information

The term “personal information” encompasses data that serves to identify, establish connections with, provide descriptions of, facilitate communication with, or potentially establish direct or indirect associations with an individual. Within the context of this policy, the differentiation between the expressions “personal information” and “personal data” holds no substantive significance.

Collection of Personal Information Directly from Individuals

During your interactions with our website, we gather various categories of personal information directly from you. The term “personal information” pertains to data that can identify, characterize, establish contact, or plausibly establish a direct or indirect association with you. It is important to note that within the context of this policy, the terms “personal information” and “personal data” are used interchangeably and hold no substantive differentiation.

The categories of personal information we collect encompass:

  • Your full name
  • Contact particulars (including email address, postal address, and telephone number)
  • Account specifics (comprising account settings and passwords)
  • Information concerning your affiliated company (such as company name, executive officers, members, and linked addresses)
  • Financial details for billing purposes (like credit, debit, or other payment card information, as required for certain services on the website)
  • Pertinent details needed for registration (including your citizenship status)
  • Correspondences initiated by you (such as queries directed to customer support and other service-related requests)
  • Additional information voluntarily furnished by you (which encompasses details about yourself or others provided through our services or accessed via third-party platforms)

It is within your prerogative to refrain from disclosing certain aforementioned personal information. It’s important to acknowledge, however, that a number of our services necessitate the provision of specific personal information to function effectively. So if you choose not to provide the requisite personal information needed for the operation and provision of a particular service or feature, you may be precluded from utilizing that specific service or feature.

It’s pertinent to mention that we do not actively amass sensitive personal information, including data pertaining to health, political stances, religious convictions, or genetic attributes.

Collection of Personal Information

We gather Personal Information that you willingly provide to us via the Website. The utilization of this Website is at your discretion. Should you choose to make use of specific features on this Website, we may request certain personal details, including but not limited to your first and last name, mailing address (including postal code), company name, email address and phone number.

Contests, sweepstakes, or other comparable events may be offered, necessitating your enrollment and provision of additional Personal Information. In such scenarios, we will collect the data supplied in conjunction with your participation in said event. Additionally, we retain the prerogative to amass any other information you deliberately contribute, including Personal Information, within any postings, remarks, feedback, or forums within the confines of the Website.

Cookies and Similar Tracking Mechanisms

Cookies refer to small data fragments stored within text files, which are saved on your computer or alternate device during the loading of websites through a web browser.

First-Party Cookies. Vital Trademarks employees cookies and comparable technologies to enable the Website to customize its experience for individual users. This personalization is achieved by retaining specific details pertaining to the user’s interaction with the website. Through the utilization of Vital Trademark’s generated cookies (“First-Party Cookies”), your information remains accessible, obviating the need for repetitive account logins when navigating across different pages. These First-Party Cookies remain linked to your identity. It is important to note that no external entity is permitted to exploit the data acquired through our First-Party Cookies for their independent intentions. Removal of these cookies may potentially result in diminished functionality of the Website and its affiliated services.

Storage and Protection of Your Data

The processing and storage of your personal information may extend beyond the confines of your jurisdiction, potentially leading to variances in data protection regulations compared to those in your country or state. Nevertheless, your personal information shall not be utilized or revealed for objectives that lack your explicit consent or violate applicable legal provisions.